Polish Summer Go School 2020

When?   6–19 July 2020
Where?   Przystanek Alaska, Gliśno Wielkie, Poland
I’m in, how do I get there?   By car or fly to Gdańsk or Warsaw and take a train/bus/catch a ride with someone!

Merlijn, Ignus, Ania, Muru, Ajka, Palladin, Andrew, Boris, Martha, Benji, Jun, Żaneta, Kurt, Albert, Gerd, Klaus, Achim, where have you been? We miss you!

przystanek alaska

The Polish Summer Go Camp is one of the biggest Go events in Europe. It has quite a different schedule and attractions then the EGC. Your strength is not important. We have teachers for dan players as well as for beginners and children. And of course there’s a tsumego competition. Lessons are normally in Polish, but we aren’t afraid to switch to English!

There’s a beautiful lake to swim in, forests to stroll in, horses to ride, and beers to drink. You can sleep in your tent, military tents, or in a cottage. The camp provides an almost-modern kitchen, a big barn rebuilt to a general meeting place and dancing room, clean toilets, showers, audio and karaoke hardware, parking. You can also see some photos.

przystanek alaska


… is available in Polish! It’s dirt cheap though – not even worth translating. The whole package, two weeks of cottage + meals + lessons + tournaments, comes in under 200 eur.

How to register

Send an email to: vit.brunner@gmail.com with the following information:

Full name:
Staying from/till:
Preferred accommodation: (cottage or tent)
Meals: (do you prefer vegetarian meals? would you like to get breakfast, lunch, dinner?)